Support Portal Homepage

From the Homepage, you can:

  1. select "New Support Ticket" which will redirect you to the ticket form 
  2. select "Check Ticket Status" if you have an already created ticket 
  3. select the "Ticket" tab which will bring you to our ticket portal where you can both create and view open/pending tickets

Creating a Ticket

*Please look through our knowledge base before submitting a ticket*

  1. Please enter valid and direct email (This will be our main mode of communication throughout the support process). 
  2. Enter what you need assistance with:
    1. This will either be "Open Orders" or "Return Request" (Choose open orders for anything other than a return).  
    2. This will drop down to "What can we help with?"  (This will allow us to distinguish a cancellation, issue, etc.).
    3. Lastly, choose a "Goal" or the reason of this request.        
  3. Next, enter your order number (this will help our team locate your original order, and be able to assist you more efficiently)
  4. Type a short paragraph explaining your request in more depth 
  5. Again, choose a topic that most fits your request in "What brings your here today" 
  6. Finally, press the submit button 

Once your ticket has been submitted, our support team will be notified and ready to help!